In our experience, we have found that most people have established investments and usually work with an advisor.  However, they often lack a financial plan and direction.  In addition, a simple analysis reveals that their financial assets and portfolios may be fragmented and inefficient and are not well allocated or diversified.  Most importantly, we find that their investment strategies aren't coordinated with their goals and objectives.  

We provide a fee-based, comprehensive planning approach, which integrates all of the necessary components of a properly structured Financial Plan and allows all investments and assets to work harmoniously together. We believe a 'holistic' approach provides for greater efficiency, understanding and ultimately, superior results.

When we begin working with a client, together we establish very specific goals and objectives. Next, we gather detailed data and evaluate current investment positions, assets, liabilities, insurance needs and financial records. 

We then create and present a comprehensive financial plan which helps clients better understand their current investment strategy and direction. Then we offer alternative strategies, tailored options and solutions to more efficiently bridge the gap between their current arrangement and their desired goals. The most important step in the process is to implement the desired plan.

We monitor the plan consistently.  As life and goals change, we adjust the plan accordingly and meet with our clients as often as necessary.